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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Conditionally edible mushrooms species


There are a number of edible mushrooms that are considered choice by some and toxic by others. In some cases, proper preparation can remove some or all of the toxins.

Amanita muscaria is edible if parboiled to leach out toxins. Fresh mushrooms are hallucinogenic and may cause seizures or coma due to the presence of ibotenic acid.

Coprinopsis atramentaria
is edible without special preparation. However, consumption with alcohol is toxic due to the presence of coprine. Some other Coprinus spp. share this property.

Gyromitra esculenta is eaten by some after it has been parboiled; however, mycologists do not recommend it. Raw Gyromitra are toxic due to the presence of gyromitrin, and it is not known if all of the toxin can be removed by parboiling.

Lactarius spp. - Apart from Lactarius delicious which is universally considered edible mushrooms, other Lactarius spp. that are considered toxic elsewhere in the world are eaten in Russia after pickling or parboiling.

Verpa bohimica - Considered choice by some, it even can be found for sale as a "morel", but cases of toxicity have been reported. Verpas contain toxins similar to gyromitrin and similar precautions apply.
edible mushrooms:oyster-mushroom-pleurotus-ostreatus

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