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Monday, August 1, 2011

History of Edible mushrooms

History of Edible Mushroom.

Edible mushrooms, or wild edible fungi, have been collected and consumed by people for thousands of years. The archaeological record reveals edible species associated with people living 13 000 years ago in Chile (Rojas and Mansur, 1995) but it is in China where the eating of wild fungi is first reliably noted, several hundred years before the birth of Christ (Aaronson, 2000). Edible Mushroom were collected from forests in ancient Greek and Roman times and highly valued, though more by high-ranking people than by peasants (Buller, 1914). Caesar’s mushroom (Amanita caesarea) is a reminder of an ancient tradition that still exists in many parts of Italy, embracing a diversity of edible species dominated today by truffles (Tuber spp.) and porcini (Boletus edulis).
China features prominently in the early and later historical record of wild edible mushroom. China is also the leading exporter of cultivated mushrooms.

The list of countries where wild edible mushrooms are reported to be consumed and provide income to rural people is impressive
The pharaohs of Egypt enjoyed edible mushrooms so much that they decreed mushrooms could only be eaten by royalty and that no commoner could even touch them, thus giving the royal family the entire available supply. In some parts of Eurasia, especially in Russia and Nordic countries, edible mushrooms are an important part of the diet. Several mushrooms are especially tasty and many are rich in nutrients.

Edible mushrooms are also easily preserved, and historically have provided additional nutrition over winter.Many prehistoric and a few modern cultures around the world used psychedelic mushrooms for ritualistic purposes. Edible mushroom cultivation reached the United States in the late 1800s with imported spores from Mexico. Mycophagy , the act of consuming edible mushrooms, dates back to the times of ancient Roman Caesars. They would have a food taster taste the edible mushrooms before the Caesar to make sure they were safe. edible-mushrooms: chanterelles-cantharellaceae.

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